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Ceramic Pro protects the coating of your car better than any other liquid product on the market. Over the past few years there have been several copycats, but there is no replica to the products offered by Ceramic Pro. The level of protection, shine and depth that these products offer are unparalleled. At Clear Bra Indy we offer various packages that are applicable to all income levels, car types and driving styles. We offer five different packages at our storefront and that range from add-ons to our top of the line package that includes eight layers of Ceramic Pro 9H, one layer of Ceramic Pro Light, three layers of Ceramic Pro Rain on the glass, and one layer of Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper on the wheel faces. Our Ceramic Pro packages range from two years for the bronze all the way up to lifetime for the gold and platinum packages.

Clear bra is a top of the line paint protection film (PPF) in the auto industry. The film is completely customized to the exact make and model of the vehicle. The characteristics of the film keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the dealers lot with protection that repels dings, scratches and rock chips. If any blemish is to occur the film contains auto-healing properties that self heals when parked in the sun! At Clear Bra Indy we offer four different packages that include our bumper and headlights package, partial kit, full front kit and full car options. One of the benefits of installing clear bra is that it can be removed at any point in time without any negative effects on the car’s paint. Clear bra is the answer to any paint coating dilemma you might be in, and continues to be an innovator in the industry.

Protect your investment!

Our company was born out of the aviation industry and logically made a transition into the automotive industry when we opened our first store front in 2015. The owner and operator, Kyle Owen, has been working in the automotive industry for over two decades and has a passion for cars that cannot be replicated. If you have any blemishes or paint corrections that you would like to get restored please contact us by clicking the link here, giving us a call or by walking into our storefront located in Carmel.

Our highly skilled team will apply the newest tinting applications to your vehicle to keep your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape. The amount of preventable wear and tear on a car’s interior is directly correlated to the amount of sun that is allowed to pass through the windows. Do yourself, and your car, a favor by limiting the harmful rays of the sun with a tinting application. At Clear Bra Indy we offer different packages to meet your needs. Click here for more info!


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