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Ceramic Pro coatings are semi-permanent or permanent coatings, depending on which package you choose for your vehicle. They come with warranties of anywhere from six months to a lifetime (which attaches to your vehicle’s vin — meaning that it’s goes with the vehicle if you sell it). That said, we find that a yearly inspection allows us to check on the coatings’ continued quality. The annual inspection lets us show you if there are certain spots getting more wear than others, touch up any imperfections, and revitalize the ceramic coating itself so that it keeps its original luster.

We’re going to test all the spots around the car. Test all the panels and make sure that they are creating water beading like they should, address any concerns or issues that we’ve seen, like with a sprinkler system that maybe is on the right rear corner of the vehicle or some area that the customer is not paying attention to because they just go get in the driver’s seat every time, and they’re not seeing that. We can bring awareness to this area of the vehicle that has like consistent bird droppings on it or hard water spots or just marring, and we can offer some steps to remedy this to the customer and move forward with that. By making the customer aware of that, it helps them to focus on not having that for that next annual inspection.

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Included in Package

  • Full Maintenance Wash
  • Expert Inspection of Coating
  • Repair of Problem Spots
  • Revitalization of Original Coating
The best way to protect your investment!

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