Auto Detailing Packages

Premium Car Detailing Indianapolis, IN

At Ceramic Pro North Indy, we cater to coated and paint protected vehicles. We aren’t a detailing shop in the traditional sense of a car wash and a carpet clean. Our details are high-end details that prepare your car for quality paint protection, and that keep your protected car looking good for the life of your vehicle. We don’t waste time with a plethora of fiddly packages. We just offer you the best detail with the highest quality chemicals and products to keep your coated or paint protected vehicle looking like new.

We only have two different detailing packages. The first is what we call the maintenance wash. It includes a decontamination wash and revitalization of the ceramic coating with specialty detailing shop chemicals. Maintenance washes can be done as frequently or as rarely as you’d like, but they are a gentle hand wash and keep your coating looking its best. The second is what we call the annual inspection. In addition to a thorough maintenance wash, we inspect your vehicle to see if there’s any points on your coating or paint protective film that need to be retouched or fixed up. This maximizes your warranty protection and helps you see problems before they damage your vehicle.

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The best way to protect your investment!

Maintenance Wash

  • Revitalizing Pre-Wash to Remove Contaminants
  • Foam Bath
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Wheels
  • Clean Jams

Annual Inspection

  • Full Maintenance Wash
  • Expert Inspection of Vehicle Coating
  • Walk-Through to Show Potential Problem Spots
  • Rejuvenation of Coating or PPF

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