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Clear Bra North Indy is a high-end paint protective shop. Our owner and founder Nick started off with a background in aviation, installing protective film onto the leading edges of antennae and ray domes. It was logical to transition into the auto industry over 14 years ago with Toyota, and took their motto to heart — “Never stop improving.” He spent his time at Toyota learning it all, becoming known as a jack of all trades. In 2010, we started our first company and as a full restyling company that did paint protection film, window tint, detailing, and customization. In 2013, Nick broke off from his partnership and started his own company that would become Clear Bra Indy paint protection film. This gave him the opportunity to specialize in the things that he does best: high-end paint protection for every vehicle from exotics to daily drivers. The shop contains expertise in restoration and protection, and the shop evolved into an auto spa with the latest and greatest technology in the industry.

A few months later the first installer joined, and is still with the shop today.  At that time the business was operating entirely via a mobile site. The company traveled around to different dealerships, people’s homes and different car events. In 2015 Porsche’s 50th anniversary occurred and a Porsche Parade was held in South Bend, Indiana, and the surrounding cities. Our company worked on 14 different Porsches in three days in Brunswick, Indiana. After that the business moved to a store front location.  In July of 2015 we moved again to our first brick and mortar location. It was roughly 2000 square feet, and we had just two installers. Then we grew and grew over a couple of years and just in September of 2017, we moved into our new facility which is three times the size. As of January 2018 we have six employees, long gone are the days of two.  Ceramic Pro has been added, in addition to our paint protection film, and we also do window tinting and we do paint correction on vehicles. We’ve got a reputation for taking care of our customers’ vehicles and protecting their investments, and we’re proud to serve Indiana as Ceramic Pro North Indy.

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1071 3rd Ave SW | Carmel, IN 46032

+1 (317) 752-4151

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